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Thursday, March 21, 2013

To Do, or Not To Do!

So I have one thing to say about myself: I cannot live my life without a To-Do List.

Everyday, I make a to-do list about everything and anything, and it's been crowding up my iphone notes, my notebooks, my apps. I have like a million To-Do List Apps like Astrid and Todoist. Is it just me or is anyone else like this?

A few things on my To Do List:
  • Research: I recently got this job that requires me to do extensive research. I'm not going to say any information because I was asked not to, but I am definitely going to make a huge blog post when the whole production is done. I am very excited about this and it is my highest priority right now, along with Serenity Online and a few other projects I've had in mind.
  • Melita Jaric: Her memorial was today and I was really inspired by what everyone was saying. She was an amazing person and I want to find a way to honor her. I hope I can help out with a website and any other social media content. Hopefully the family can see how much Melita was loved through all the Facebook comments that have been posted. I think she lived a happy and loving life, and I can only give my resources and help them get over this tragedy.
  • Blogging: My viewers have gone way down, probably because of the lack of posts during Ultra weekend. So I definitely want to get ahead on my blog posts, to make sure that type of situation doesn't happen again. I also want to post my blog on more social media websites and such to get more viewers and readers. I want comments and interactions. I want to meet people and talk to them and have discussions. I want people to find me on LifeKraze or FitBit or MyFitnessPal and join me and grow with me. I also have so many topics I want to write about, I need to find the time to write and plan these posts out.
  • Pole Dancing: I actually bought like 5 pole dancing classes a while ago, and I really need to use them before they expire. I'll probably take a few classes to incorporate them into my 6 Week Challenge.
  • 6 Week Challenge: Definitely need to keep it up and keep progressing. Ultra was a huge slump, but I'm going to work twice as hard to exercise and diet more & better.
Speaking of the 6 Week Challenge, I wanted to show you guys our diet pie charts from last week. It's not so much what we eat, even though we have been trying to be more organic and green (fruits & veggies), but we've been counting more on the Protein / Carbs / Fat intake. Calories matter a bit, but it's more of trying to eat the amount of calories we need (for me, that's 1200 calories a day) and try not to go over. And if we do go over, try to do an extra exercise to work it off.

So here's how we did:


My goal throughout the week was to get to 20% of Fat Intake or lower, and I reached it... Until Ultra came along. That destroyed my progress, but I'm working on bringing it back down to 20% or lower. Gotta watch out for those cookies, brownies, and smarties I love so much :(

Now here's Alvaro's Charts:


Alvaro's goal was to get to around 200g of protein a day, or have at least 35% protein and less than 20% fat. Sunday was definitely his favorite day, and it's thanks to Ultra's Turkey Legs and the Protein Bars we snuck in. Like someone said in an interview for this blog post: It's harder to sneak in food and water into Ultra than it is to sneak in drugs.

So that has been our progress so far in our diet :) I'll keep updating you on our 6 Week Challenge and other things when they come up. Love you all.

Kat <3


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