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Monday, March 11, 2013

6 Week Challenge #1: Exercise

Now that it's Spring Break (no school woohoo!) and everything is off my chest (see the last three posts for more on that), it's time for my first 6 Week Challenge!

This challenge is going to be about exercising with my boyfriend. We've been working on an individual workout plan for each other and we're going to start it today!

This post will explain the workouts we planned, along with "before" measurements and the platforms you can follow us on.

So to begin with, here are our measurements at the start! All of Alvaro's information will be in blue, and Kat's will be in red.

And now the workouts!

So most of you don't know Alvaro, unless you know him personally, but his goal always always been to "get big." With this in mind, he has to work around his scoliosis and back problems.

He's going to be following the StrongLifts 5x5 program:  

He will need to take it easy on the Squats and Deadlifts if he feels any pain, and he's going to work on correcting his form for these workouts. He's also going to start taking Yoga classes for Back Pains / Scoliosis, and doing at home Yoga for the Spine with these two videos: [one] and [two]. More information on the program [here], how to properly do the StrongLifts workout [here] and the StrongLifts nutrition [here]. For stretching, he will follow the stretches for scoliosis from [here].

Now, since StrongLifts is only 3 times a week, and Alvaro loves to keep busy and exercising, he will do body weight exercises! He may argue with me on this one, so I'm going to let him decide what he does for these exercises. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats, crunches and dips are a must (since we already paid for the iphone apps for them), but he may choose to do any other body weight exercises from these websites: [one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven]. 
I know this is probably his least favorite thing to do, so that's why I gave him a lot of options.

The only equipment he will need is my Durofoam Mat or any yoga mat, my iphone armband for tracking the body weight exercises, and obviously the free weights at the gym. 

Now for Kat's workout:

Kat's goal is to get toned. 
She will be doing Yoga with Janet Stone on her iPhone before and after each workout to stretch and warm up before the exercise. The workouts Kat will be doing will usually start out with either HIIT cycling, HIIT running or endurance running. From there she will perform a series of body circuits for a specific muscle group each day from WomensHealth Magazine. Throughout this whole process I will be incorporating videos from Jillian Michaels, and the Spartacus Workout, to add onto the body circuits. 
Then, after the first week has gone by, I will assess Kat's progress and change the workout accordingly. If I find that she is struggling to keep up, I will lower the intensity. If I see that she finishes them easily, I will either add more repititions or add an extra exercise or two with her pull-up bar and thigh toner.

The equipment she'll need is the same as mine, along with her Jillian Michaels & Spartacus Videos, her pull-up bar, thigh toner, and running equipment.


Hopefully it goes well :)

If I don't get to post what we did today before 3PM (we woke up pretty late), I'll post both Monday and Tuesday's workouts on tomorrow's post.

You can follow us at: 
LifeKraze [Kat | Alvaro]
Fitbit [Kat | Alvaro]
MyFitnessPal [Kat | Alvaro].

If you want to do our workouts with us, let me know through email and we'll individually give you tips or tell you what we're doing, what we're succeeding or failing at, and we can all just share our experiences together :)

I can't wait to see the results! We will post "Before / After" pictures on our ending post, April 22nd. Thank you for following, and let us know what you're doing for the  next 6 Weeks. Love you all! 

Kat <3   



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