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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Music, FitBit, & Junk Food!

So this weekend was definitely fun and tiring <3

Sorry for the lack of posts! As you all know, I was at Ultra Music Festival... And otherwise, I was sleeping off all the jumping and dancing I did.

I'm going to talk a little bit about Ultra, my FitBit stats, and a quick update on my 6 Week Challenge, sooo let's get started!

I've had a FitBit tracker for a while now, and I recently pre-ordered the new wristband that's coming out sometime this Spring... Here's the thing: My charts usually look like this:

I'm usually sitting down, or laying on my bed most of the day. And the only time I'm up is when I'm walking to and from my car, or I'm exercising. I don't even track my exercise with my fitbit because my applications tell me how many calories I burn, and it's usually around 300-400 calories of being active for an hour.

Now, look at my charts from Ultra:
FRIDAY (At Ultra from 6PM until Midnight)
SATURDAY (At Ultra from 2PM until Midnight)

I have never seen a chart like that before in my whole FitBit lifetime... Which is actually pretty sad now that I think of it. I need to go out more and be up and active more throughout my day. At least I can depend on Ultra once a year huh?

Speaking of Ultra, it was absolutely a blast! I saw so many artists, some that I didn't even list on my previous post, and it was just a great experience. I went last year, and I definitely think this year was a lot more fun. I got to see Benny Benassi, who is the first electronic artist I ever heard way back in middle school, and he was just so amazing! I also saw Deadmau5 and heard Raise You Weapons live <3 I left before I could hear Strobe, but I watched the Live UMF TV stream later on to see the song :)

Those were my highlights of the weekend. Alvaro loved Hardwell, and I did too but I think Benny Benassi was a lot better. I'll post videos and pictures as soon as I upload them all.

So for a quick update: I'm sure you all can figure out that our diet went down the drain. Pizza, burgers, and turkey legs... We also kind of bought a lot of cookies, brownies, ice cream, etc. We definitely got out carbs in though, that's for sure. We were never really that hungry at Ultra, so that's a good thing. Last year I was constantly starving and the food is so expensive, we couldn't afford most of it.

The main thing I noticed though, is that we both need to start drinking more water. We were so dehydrated this weekend, and I'm still constantly dehydrated. We need to include more water into our diet. Aside from that, we've been improving on our exercises and eating. More protein, better workouts (posture, endurance, etc). We've been struggling a bit, especially with Ultra getting in the way, but we're definitely going to get back on track. Also with school starting up, we don't have the same schedule we had during spring break, so we're definitely working on time management.

I have to go now, Alvaro just ate one of my Smarties... Rule #1: Never eat my Smarties. They were buy 3 for $5 and they're my favorite candy of all time. This fatty loves you all :P MPHE4M7Q4ZQZ

Kat <3


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