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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Silver Sneakers

I haven't officially mentioned this to it's full extent, so here's a whole post for it.

My grandma, who's turning 85 years old next month, has started going to the gym! :)

It's super exciting to see this change happen, and I love how willing my grandma is to exercise and change her dieting habits.

We took her shopping this weekend for comfy gym attire and she has her first orientation on monday! :)

Orientation was supposed to be this past monday, but with doctor appointments, Good Friday, and a mix-up with the gym, we rescheduled it to this up-coming monday. She did take a Silver Sneakers class (at YouFit gym) to try it out, and it was so much fun to watch her. She made friends with a lady her age that has been going for 8 years, and I think that really gave my grandma the motivation and inspiration she needed to do this for herself more than for me.

In all honesty, the only reason she's doing this is for me and I know that. But I want the results and the change to be for her... I want her to feel better about herself and realize that anything is possible with positive thoughts and a little push & motivation from others :) Not to mention, the gym membership & classes are absolutely free. Why not take advantage of that? 

When we went shopping, I got her some "Goal" clothes to fit into. My mom and grandma were completely against it, but I know she will fit into it soon enough! These Silver Sneakers classes are slow & soft enough for her age, but effective enough for her to come out tired and pumped for the next class. And there's multiple levels of the class, so I can't wait to see her excel through the levels. Especially knowing that she walks to Publix, and is planning to walk to the gym soon... She'll be in shape in no time!

I've also been looking around for good diets specifically for her high blood pressure and cholesterol, that also helps with weight-loss. I think that's the major issue with my grandma honestly, she's always calling herself fat and ugly. I hope I can change that with this gym and diet <3 I can't express how excited I am for her. I think after meeting that lady and making new friends, she's definitely going to continue this for a long time, and if not, I'll keep her up to it. And she understands that she needs to take it slow and go at her own pace. I think she'll get up to doing the Silver Sneakers circuits like a pro and lifting bigger weights (10lbs hehe) soon enough :)

I'm definitely going to keep updating my blog about her progress as she goes along. At her orientation, they're going to measure her weight & body fat so I'm going to save that for her "end" results in the future. I think my grandma just joined me and my boyfriend in our 6 Week Fitness Challenge! Haha, love you all.

Kat <3


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