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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Kat Recommends - Snap Chat

SnapChat: The picture & video texting app that let's you be weird and never regret it. Not to mention, an extremely addicting form of chatting with your friends.

I have not been able to put my phone down or keep my weird faces at bay... You may see some sides of me that no one will ever, ever see again.

Because snapchat doesn't let your friends save the weird pictures you send them ;) hehe

I'm only going to share the ones that are 3 out of 10 on the weirdness scale (10 being the weirdest you will ever see in your entire life).
By the way, most of these will mainly be inside jokes with friends, so you may or may not understand and laugh at these pictures... But you can at least get a jist of what SnapChat is all about :)

Haha well I hope you enjoyed that randomness... Get SnapChat and you'll see for yourself, you're crazy-weird side will come out. It's just too much fun receiving and sending funny pictures :)

Love you all.

Kat <3


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