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Monday, April 01, 2013

6 Week Challenge Update for Fools

Happy April Fools Day everybody!

I'm not really into this whole pranking thing, so you won't have to worry about that from this post. I've seen some pretty good pranks here and there though from other blogs, my favorite being Nerd Fitness' post.

Any who, here's my weekly update on the 6 Week Challenge and a couple of other things I'd like to talk about :)

So today, my grandma went back to YouFit for her Orientation. She had more fun this time than last time when she took the class :) We checked her weight and body fat, and then she did the stationary bike for 20 minutes, and tried out each and every machine for arms, chest, legs, etc. Then she did the elliptical and treadmill. She now has her favorites and least favorite machines, a routine, and a goal!

Her current weight is 164lbs and she wants to get down to 142lbs. Her next goal after that is 118lbs. I can tell she doesn't think she'll get to 142lbs, but I'm going to try my best to teach her how to eat healthy and give her a routine to do every week. Hopefully things will go well :)

So for my 6 Week Challenge update, there's basically no good news. I had my birthday, the local Fair Expo, and both Alvaro and I got sick. Worst week ever, but that hasn't stopped us from doing Yoga & exercising. Our diet hasn't been good at all though... Especially with the fried foods at the fair, worst decision everrr. We're going to work on improving our diet again for next week and working out harder than before!

I'm going to leave you guys off with some pictures from my birthday party: My awesome piano cake, my parents & grandma at tropical smoothie, my best amigos at my house, me cutting my awesome cake, the mini-donuts I made later that night, and a collage of the whole day :) Enjoy!

Love you all.

Kat <3


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