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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Serenity Online

So I got a job to fund my game project, Serenity Online, and I've been extreeeemely busy.

It's good and bad, I guess. I'm not sure which one. I love my job, but I hate the fact that I don't have enough time to code my game more.

I've also been really behind on my blog and my research job and just generally everything.
I wish I had a top 6 "how to get ahead" list, but I'm honestly lost. I don't know how to manage my time at all, so I need to work on that big time.

Aside from that, I want to share with you a couple of things. First off, the things that keep me going:
Your trying to do something i can only dream of doing and you actually have the drive and balls to put yourself out there no matter what anyone thinks, and that's what it takes. You have a strong personality and a good heart, i can trust you, therefor i will work to help you achieve your dream
:) I'm so glad I have the friends I have, especially the ones joining me in all of my projects.

And the same friend that wrote that quote above has written a little sneak peek into Serenity Online for this blog! 
An image of true beauty; her elegance radiates through the looker's heart... If "goddess" were to fit the description of any being, it would be Serene. It is told that in the old days, prior to the peace time of Zuelia: the night before a battle was won under the name of the Zuelian army, her image would be seen by the men. Serene's Spirit is the only known mythology in Zuelian religion involving Serene, having no known roots of who she actually is; however, her presence is an omen of hope to her people. After every battle Zuelia's men would kneel amongst the bodies of their fallen brother and prey, to look upon her beautiful spirit before the night's end.

Serene's Spirit has been said to have a sky-blue tint which brings upon a cool wind that soothes wounds and warms hearts. Although her spirit does not speak, many warriors have spoken of the wind singing a delicate serenade when she appears; without words, the wind comforts the men with a promise of serenity once all wars were ended.

After the times of war had passed, so had the stories of Serene's Spirit. That is.... until now.
I can't wait to get this game started. The date it was supposed to be worked on was May 1st, but everything has been completely pushed back. I'm thinking of just working on it on my own until I save up enough money and such. We'll see what happens, I'm feeling pretty good about it right now actually.

Another thing, please vote for my cousin's daughter! She's the cutest baby in my life right now and she needs your vote to win this contest! :)

Love you all.

Kat <3


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