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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Kat Recommends - Nimble Quest

Today's post is going to be very short and sweet, mainly because this game, Nimble Quest, has been so addicting that I've procrastinated everything else, including my blog posts.

Heed my warning: This game is unbelievably fun, creative, and addictive.

If you've ever had a very, very old phone, then you've probably played one of the first phone games ever, "Snake." If you haven't, pick up your phone and look it up on your game store because it's probably there. I remember playing Snake all the time on my grandma's cell phone back in my elementary school days, along with a couple of other games of course, but this one was my favorite.

Well, our friends over at NimbleBit came up with a great, modern version of Snake, called Nimble Quest... And it is probably one of the most creative and unique games I've encountered in a while. I really cannot stop playing it on both my iPhone and my laptop!

I've always been a fan of NimbleBit with their other games: Pocket Planes, Tiny Tower, Sky Burger, Scoops, and Hanoi... But this is my absolute favorite game of theirs. It doesn't beat out Kairosoft games, but it's a very close second, which is amazing in itself.

In the game, you choose your hero and you run around killing monsters and other opponents. You may pick up gems, buffs, and other heroes that will join your line. Avoid the walls, avoid your team members, and avoid your opponents. Survive until the level finishes and you move on and unlock more heroes that can join you! Even at the beginning levels, it gets pretty intense and difficult. Level up your heroes and buffs and it get's easier, but I still haven't gotten past the second Castle!

If you want to play a fun game, and don't mind giving up on your to-do list and homework, then definitely download this game and give it a try. Everyone that I've recommended it to has gotten addicted, so be careful. Let me know how you do, and have fun! :) Love you all.

Kat <3


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