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Thursday, March 14, 2013

6 Week Challenge - Calisthenics!

So I know yesterday's post was absolutely horrendous, but this will definitely make up for it... And all it takes is one word: Calisthenics.

Oh, before I forget, let me introduce you to Jose (in the picture to the left), Alvaro's little brother. We've been trying to convince him to do Calisthenics with us because it is just so much FUN

Even though I took this picture a while ago, he's probably still wayyy ahead of Alvaro, and most definitely me, in the strength to even lift up into that position.

Muscle ups. Planches. L-Sits. Human Flags. Frog Stands. Levers. We want to do it all. I kid you not when I say this: Try it, you will have so much fun even if you fail!

Before I go into more details about the Calisthenics, let me talk a little bit about how yesterday went.

You all know the big slump I had... I want to let you all know that I definitely overcame it! It honestly took me until night-time, but I did it. I would like to thank Cyrano de Bergerac for it. I was sitting here being a pessimistic, and this post helped me up! I love those moments where blogs or books or quotes, etc., just pop up on my screen or come into my life and just make sense to me completely. I can relate, and I can help myself through these mediums. LifeKraze, and also the LK blog, is a life savor and I honestly wouldn't be at this point without it! It inspired me to write, to get up and do something, to accomplish things on a daily basis, to share it with the world, and cheer others on! 

I really can't wait to read more of the blog and continue growing, inside and out :) Again, thank you LifeKraze and Cyrano!

Got so side-tracked, haha. So yesterday:

Around 8PM, Alvaro did his yoga for scoliosis and we went to the LA Fitness by his house to give it a shot. We were so happy with Porky's, we didn't think this one would change our mind... But, just, wow! We went at a time where it's "fullest" and it wasn't even full at all! And it was a very peaceful atmosphere... A lot of big guys too! One guy was doing handstand push ups like nothing, it was awesome!

So I got a grand tour of the gym, and was offered a nice student membership. I am very excited to say that LA Fitness will probably end up being my first ever gym membership! I loved it. And lucky for them, they were having a Belly Dancing class. I watched it. I loved it. I want to do it. Oh, and he showed me this machine that helps you with pull-ups. Good call! I had so much fun, and I felt accomplished (compared to doing those "jump up and slowly go down pull ups at home). It was a great experience and I can't wait to start going to the gym more often!

Alvaro completed his StrongLifts for the day: 70lb Squats, 45lb Overhead Presses, and a 95lb Deadlift. All went well, his posture was great, and his scoliosis didn't bother him one bit! We've both noticed an improvement in his back for sure. He can sit up straighter, has less back pains, and can stretch farther now! 

Let me skip my part for a minute and talk about today. Today we tried out a yoga for back pains class, instead of just doing the videos at home... The class was amazing! The teacher was very good about showing us the moves and correct posture, and Alvaro really felt the stretch and alignment! He has a private session tomorrow morning where we will take pictures of a 10 minute morning and evening yoga exercise specifically for him and his scoliosis, and he will do these exercises everyday at home. It's really exciting and we can't wait to see the results in his corrected posture and less back pains! Check out Soul Purpose Studio if you have back pains or any other physical ailments. They offer various types of yoga classes! Check out the website [here].

So back to yesterday: 

I ended up doing Day 2 of Yoga for Flexibility as a warm-up, and then from Mahalo's "Learn Pilates" app I did the 20 minute butt and thigh workout. It felt like a great workout, and even though I had trouble with a few moves, I think I did pretty well... Or at least I felt the burn for sure! 

We also ate a healthy meal. Turkey breast with gravy! 42g of protein, 2.2g of fat, and 6g of carbs! That's definitely what I want to be eating instead of a cuban dinner... I learned how much fat those home-made meals have the hard way.

Very satisfying past two days for sure! I'll keep you up to date with anything else we do. We're definitely not stopping at today's yoga session! Today is abs and calisthenics day!

Also, I wanted to show you guys a few videos that I thought were cool. These are our inspiration and our motivation to continue and have fun with Calisthenics together, and I hope you find these just as amazing as we do!

BarStarzz 2012 Highlights

Human Flag, Planch Push ups, Muscle ups, and More

I also love all of TheF0rtress' videos! Check out his channel [here].

Love you all!

Kat <3


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