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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I Challenge You!

In yesterday post, I talked a little bit about the challenges I'm planning to do. I want to add a few more challenges I have thought of and also talk a little bit more about Serenity Online.

I'm going to start off with a few important links that I added on the left sidebar. 
If anyone is interested in following me through my fitness endeavors, there's MyFitnessPal and Fitbit that I added. LifeKraze is also my go-to website for my challenges and such. I also added Instagram since I post a lot of pictures, like the one to the left of my fat cat Seba <3 So go check those links out :)

Anyway, now onto the challenges...

Unbelievable Ukulele
So there's one challenge that I know I have to do soon... Definitely before the summer time... And it's learning one song on the ukulele and recording it on video at least every day or every other day. Reason being, I have a wedding coming up and the bride asked me to perform for the incoming guests as they sit down and greet each other. She's Hawaiian, so the ukulele is perfect... Problem is, I don't know too many songs and I have to learn them, fast. So I will most definitely dedicate 6 weeks to learning all ukulele songs possible, and if you want to recommend a song to me, don't hesitate to leave a comment below or in the challenge post. All recommendations will be greatly appreciated since my music taste is probably very limited when it comes to the ukulele or guitar in general. I will post up a list of songs I am planning to do when the challenge starts. 

Coursera Categories
I talked about Coursera in the last post, but I wanted to get a bit more specific and branch this out into multiple challenges. I know I can't complete all the courses I signed up for in 6 weeks, but I can complete one category at a time. I'll first start off with business courses since I'm really trying to get all the resources possible to start up my gaming company. Then, I'll work on the computer programming courses, and then the music courses. In the end, if there are anymore courses left, I will see if I want to do a 6 week challenge for them, but for now I'm not sure. I'll also check out Udacity to see if any of those classes interest me.

Website Wonder
I really want to make a really awesome and complex website or an iPhone / Android app. I don't know for what or for who, but I'll decide that later. I want to spend 6 weeks just programming and working on this. I did this during the winter break, and I loved it. I just need to find a project to work on, or something to troubleshoot... Anything. 

Closet Cleaning
Since I need to move out in a year, I need to dedicate 6 weeks to cleaning out my room and selling all the unecessary junk I have stored in all the nooks and crannies of my room. This will probably be the hardest 6 weeks of my life since I'm absolutely horrible with change... But change is good, and this will probably be the best change yet.

Meditation Madness
So, my boyfriend is taking this world religions course in his college, and he stumbled upon Buddhism and how awesome meditation is... And I think a 6 week "meditate everyday with my boyfriend" sounds like a great idea. He doesn't know it yet, but he's definitely going to join me in this challenge :) hehe. I think it'll be a very good stress-reliever for the two of us <3

Water World
I really need to do this... My body is asking for it and I don't give in. I need more water. My app says 64oz of water daily, but I think that's too much to start with. I will definitely get discouraged if I can't reach this goal, like I have tried to do in the past. So i'm going to try adding an extra cup of water every week and try to be at 6 cups, or maybe bottles?, of water everyday by the end of the six weeks.     

Something Old, Something New
Now, this one was my boyfriend's idea and I hate the sound of it completely. I'm the type of person that sticks to the old, comfortable ways. I hate trying new food, new places, new things. The only new thing I like is people! And even then, I obviously have my everyday friends that I stick with. SO, for this challenge, I would have to try something new everyday. Whether it's food, or a new place, or anything new that he introduces me to. It sounds extremely frightening to me, but I'm going to give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen? I could hate it... or love it!

Model Makeup & Nice Nails
Okay, so this one is going to be a bit girly... I want to do my makeup differently everyday, and my nails differently every week. I love doing nail art, so that won't be so hard. But eye makeup and such? That one is going to be tough.  If any of my fellow females know of any good websites with makeup tutorials, PLEASE let me know. I've only ever done the typical "black eyeliner and nothing else" makeup. I need to pamper myself some more. <3

Fitness Freak
I'm going to stick all of these challenges into one section because it's all the same thing to me. I want to do yoga everyday for 6 weeks. I want to run every morning. I want to be able to do 100 pushups. I want to be able to do at least one pull-up, and hopefully more. And obviously, the 6 week challenge with my boyfriend. I'm really excited about all of these goals. 

Join In!
If anyone wants to join in on a challenge once it starts, let me know! Comment on the challenge or find me on LifeKraze (or any other link on the left sidebar) and we can compare results in the end and talk about our accomplishments and struggles :) I love meeting and talking to new people, so don't hesitate at all. I will most likely add your own progress onto my blog post so others can cheer you on too! <3
Also, if you have a challenge for me to do, let me know! I'll try out anything! 
My overall goal is to start something new and interesting and good for me during the 6 weeks, and turn it into a habit. All of these challenges I want to keep doing in my life and incorporate each one into my days some how. I'm doing it one by one so I don't get overwhelmed with a huge list of things to do everyday (I learned this one the hard way). I can't wait to hear from everyone <3

And now for Serenity Online.
I'm not going to spend 6 weeks working on this really, but it's an extremely important and big part of my life right now. I've been working on this game since winter break, and it's been basically planned out for about five years. I decided now, with the knowledge and experience I have, I can at least start off my idea. I can't give too many details for legal reasons, but my goal is to finish this game and go live, and then start a gaming company.
I would really appreciate it if you, or any one of your friends & family, could help out through donations or spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc... Any social media platform! And also follow along! I've been making great progress and it's really cool to see this game and company grow with each day that passes.
Also, this week I am planning to meet with another investor. If this works out, I will have two very important investors and partners on my side, working to make this game and company a success. I really can't wait to give out more information, so please follow along! :)

There's links on the sidebar to Serenity Online, but for the sake of this post, here are the link to the general information page [here] and the Serenity Online donation page [here]. Thanks to everyone who supports me and helps me out! I love you all, and see you tomorrow!

Kat <3      


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