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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Little Things in Blogs

I am so happy with the changes I've made to my blog that I just really want to show them all to you! And it's all thanks to CodeAcademy for increasing my understanding of HTML and CSS, and soon enough, Javascript!

I've always been able to do these things, but not well enough for it to function, so you can imagine how happy I am to be able to do this!

Let's start with the Logo:

                                                   Before                                       After

I did the logo with photoshop only, and it's definitely the first time I ever make a decent logo. I'm probably most proud of this change for sure, especially since I haven't really used Photoshop much since I took my certification course and exam. I've never really made anything from scratch either, it's always been strictly photo editing, so I'm super excited about this logo I made! :)

Next is my "About" section:

                                                           Before                            After

Everything in the about section has a hover effect, and the images were made on photoshop also. I did everything with HTML and CSS that I learned from CodeAcademy

I've known HTML since the times of MySpace, but I never fully understood each function, and CodeAcademy did a great job explaining everything to me. Now I can decorate a blog or make a website from scratch without having to copy and paste or memorize anything. If you want to try out coding, definitely give that website a shot, it's very hands-on learning which is great!

I think it's definitely a prettier way to link to important parts of my blog, like the Challenges, and my four top social networks... It took out 4 links that I had on the left side bar under the logo, which makes that look a lot cleaner and easier to read. 

                                                   Before                            After

Better huh? 

I also talked about how I changed from FeedBurner to MailChimp in the previous post. That was definitely the best change so far.

I'm feeling very productive this week on my blog! I can't wait to keep improving and growing my blog to it's full potential :) Let me know what you think, and ask me any questions about HTML or CSS if you need help in CodeAcademy! I'm definitely willing to help out anyone who wants to start a blog or website, so let me know. Love you all.

Kat <3


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